Drawdown Toronto is a community based organization dedicated to using the Drawdown framework and approach to support climate action. Through education about solutions, we demystify climate action and introduce people to the radical opportunities that exist for remaking our society and economy to me more just, inclusive, sustainable and prosperous while protecting the foundations for life to flourish.

Drawdown Toronto was started in early 2018 as a project of Unify Toronto. Throughout the first year, we organized a series of introductions to Drawdown, sectoral events, and a course, that together put vital information about how we can reverse global warming in participants’ hands, connected them with other change makers, and galvanized their action with a new sense of optimism and agency. Drawdown Toronto has now been seeded as an initiative in its own right.

We have focused our activities in two broad areas:

Person thinking

Education and engagement
We engage and inspire public and private audiences to make change happen through presentations, workshops, seminars and courses.


We engage with politicians and other policy-makers to promote a positive and pragmatic solutions based approach to climate action.