Drawdown is a catalogue of solutions to global warming

Hundreds of scientists have laboured to produce a comprehensive database of the top solutions to reduce and even remove emissions from the atmosphere.

They have found that we can solve the problem by 2050, just by using conventional, existing technology and old methods.

We have everything we need. It’s a matter of application.

Solutions include everything from solar power to electric vehicles, from farmland restoration to reforestation, from educating girls to reducing food waste.

A plan to reverse global warming

‘Drawdown’ is the point in time when we stop adding and start removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Planting trees and building up agricultural soils are completely natural and inexpensive methods to do this, taking carbon away for long-term storage.

In the future, we may also have machines to help us — but we don’t depend on it to reach drawdown.

Under a plausible scenario, drawdown would happen some time between 2050 and 2070. With a bit more ambition, we could even do it before then.

A roadmap to vast benefits

Almost all solutions to global warming are “no regrets” — that means things we would want to do anyway, even if there was no global warming, because they make economic sense, are more efficient, produce less pollution and make our societies better off.

Replacing technologies and techniques with new methods that don’t produce carbon emissions leads to superior outcomes across the board.

Compared to business-as-usual, even a modest drawdown plan can save $74 trillion dollars globally by 2050. This is largely because we stop wasting energy and resources!

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Drawdown 101
Drawdown 101 poster (download).