Did you know that the number one solution to global warming is educating girls and family planning combined?

Drawdown Toronto, a project of Unify Toronto, held this Summit to spark a conversation on the nexus between climate and gender. This post was originally published in the Unify Toronto blog. It has been slightly adapted for this blog.

About 65 participants attended this dynamic evening to:

  • learn more about Project Drawdown’s comprehensive model to reverse global warming, and particularly the three solutions Project Drawdown has grouped into the “Women and Girls” sector: girls’ education, family planning and women smallholders; 
  • hear from Ontario-based International Cooperation organizations and institutions about their programming related to the three Drawdown Women and Girls solutions;
  • expand and share insights on how to contribute to climate change action in Toronto, Ontario and Canada, and move forward Women and Girls-related solutions globally;
  • meet local and global organizations working in Climate Action and Gender Equality and learn how to get involved.


  • Dr. Katharine Wilkinson, Vice-President of Communication & Engagement, Project Drawdown (pre-recorded), on how empowering women and girls can help stop global warming
  • Kristiana Bruneau, International Policy Specialist, UNICEF Canada, on UNICEF’s girls’ education programming and the links to climate change 
  • Jessica Ferne, Director of Global Health Impact, Canadian Partnership for Women and Children’s Health (CanWaCH), on sexual and reproductive health and rights and climate change
  • Janine Hodgson, Manager of Program Development and Quality, Canadian Feed the Children, on Canadian support to smallholder farmers and the links between climate change, migration and child protection and sexual and gender-based violence (cancelled)
  • Ana González Guerrero, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Youth Climate Lab, on Canadian youth perspectives on the intersection between climate and gender

Presentations by each speaker were followed by a panel discussion and Q&A moderated by Eugenia Ochoa, Public Engagement Coordinator at the Ontario Council for International Cooperation.

This was the last of seven Drawdown sector summits organized by Unify Toronto’s Drawdown program. See event invitation here (click on “here” and then on “view details” in the upper right corner of your screen).

For a captivating overview of Project Drawdown’s take on the links between gender and climate, check out Dr. Katharine Wilkinson’s TED talk, “How Empowering Women and Girls can Help Stop Global Warming.”

To download the consolidated slide deck with the slides of each of the three live speakers, click here.

A full video record of the event, including a two-minute video of highlights, is available here.

Watch a longer summary of highlights here.

J. Wallace Skelton captured highlights of the event in this graphic record:

This was a collective effort! Deep thanks to the presenters; moderator; Eugenia Ochoa at OCIC for helping to curate the panel; graphic recorder; our hosts at Friends House; our sponsors, The Quaker Peace and Social Action Committee, videographers Andre Forsythe of Climate Challenge and Leila Mireskandari of Drawdown Toronto, and the many Drawdown Toronto volunteers who stepped up to make the event possible: Charlene Day, book sales and registration; Paul Overy, room set-up and registration; Julie Saunders, refreshments; Karina Dadybayeva, live-streaming; David Burman, administration; Jon Love, Satya Robinson, event visioning; Mia Astudillo, event coordination and registration; Natalie Zend, overall coordination.