Project Drawdown is partnering again this April with, to help put climate solutions into action! We at Drawdown Toronto are one of a dozen teams in Canada, joining over 300 teams from around the world to participate in this fun & social earth month challenge.

As a participant, you can choose from over 100 actions across 8 categories and action tracks, which encourages “connecting the dots between your values, your action, and your impact.“ The EcoChallenge online platform was designed specifically to engage in behaviour change for sustainability.

Register by March 31 to create your own team — or join Team Drawdown Toronto!

How to join

  1. To explore and join go to and follow the steps below:
  2. After you have registered as a participant, create your own team or join ours — visit the Drawdown Toronto team page at 
  3. Once on board watch the “How-To-Video” located on the left-hand side black column, as the third button below your name, under Edit Profile & Manage Actions.
  4. Next go to “Edit Profile” to create your own personal profile, with banner, avatar and mission statement — really easy and can be updated or changed at anytime! 
  5. Then choose your Challenges — give yourself a bit of time for this. Go to “manage actions” and take some time to read through all the sectors & possible actions – note that some are daily actions and some are one-time actions which encourage a deeper-dive into the solution.