Drawdown Solutions Summit 2019

As the finale to a week of extraordinary climate action events, Drawdown Toronto hosted a “Solutions Summit” on 28 September, 2019. The goal: to talk solutions to climate change and spread the message the

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June Newsletter

In this edition:
* DrawdownTO Speaks at UofT Climate Symposium
* Drawdown Eco Challenge
* Green 13 Introduction to Project Drawdown
* What on Earth? CBC highlights climate trends & solutions
* One Stop Shop: climatechallenge.ca officially launches!

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Women & Girls Summit report (newsletter)

Thanks to those who attended the Summit and brought their energy, insight and enthusiasm. And deep gratitude to the amazing team of presenters and hosts who made this inspiring and informative evening possible.

If you missed it, you can still read the report, review the graphic record, download the slides, check out a quick 2-minute video of highlights, watch Katherine Wilkinson’s TED talk, or view videos of each of the presentations as well as the panel discussion and Q&A. If you were there, you have a record of the event that you can review. Either way, feel free to forward to friends, colleagues and networks.

Check out the report in another post.

From the Drawdown Toronto team, Game On!

Report on Drawdown Toronto Summit on Climate Action & Gender Equality

Did you know that the number one solution to global warming is educating girls and family planning combined?

Drawdown Toronto, a project of Unify Toronto, held this Summit to spark a conversation on the nexus between climate and gender. This post was originally published in the Unify Toronto blog. It has been slightly adapted for this blog.

About 65 participants attended this dynamic evening to:

  • learn more about Project Drawdown’s comprehensive model to reverse global warming, and particularly the three solutions Project Drawdown has grouped into the “Women and Girls” sector: girls’ education, family planning and women smallholders; 
  • hear from Ontario-based International Cooperation organizations and institutions about their programming related to the three Drawdown Women and Girls solutions;
  • expand and share insights on how to contribute to climate change action in Toronto, Ontario and Canada, and move forward Women and Girls-related solutions globally;
  • meet local and global organizations working in Climate Action and Gender Equality and learn how to get involved.
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