Through the six weeks of the challenge, we invited you to carry out some simple activities focused on different aspects of food use and waste such as mapping your waste, creatively using leftovers, planning meals, applying smarter shopping strategies, and decoding best before labels. 

We’ve included links to all the resources, information, tools and methods on this page to support the maintaining of these new habits and to facilitate further sharing to help create positive change.

Food waste facts


Of the food that is thrown away every year, 63% is edible. It could have been eaten!


On average, Canadian households throw out 140 kilograms of food every year, worth more than 1,100 dollars.

2.2 million

Across Canada, the result is that 2.2 million tonnes of edible food is lost every year, at a cost of more than $17 billion.


Food waste

TopicSourceResource TitleLink
Avoidable Food WasteLove Food Hate Waste CanadaFood Waste In The Home 

Meal planning

TopicSourceResource TitleLink
Avoidable Food WasteLove Food Hate Waste CanadaFood Waste In The Home 
Meal PlanningLFHWCChef Bob Blumer’s tips for reducing food waste (intro video)     
PlanningCity of Toronto – Live Green & Toronto Public Health Rethink Food – Stop food waste at home 
Meal Planning Apps– Meal Time- Whisk- Big Oven 
Meal PlanningJust Eat It Toronto! Food Waste ChallengeJEIT Meal-Plan PDF 


TopicSourceResource TitleLink
Loving Leftovers Lettuce Eat Healthy10 Creative Ways to use leftovers 
LeftoversLove Food Hate Waste CanadaRecipe Ideas 
LeftoversLFHWCFive Ways To Revive Food 
Zero Waste TipsLFHWCBob Blumer’s Zero Waste tips & recipe series 
Reality ShowNetflixBest Leftovers Ever 


TopicSourceResource TitleLink
Food Dates E-CourseSecond HarvestUnderstanding Food Date Labels in Canada 
Food SafetyGovernment of CanadaHow to read date labels and packaging 
Food Storage – Fridge GuideLove Food Hate WasteWhere you store food in your fridge matters×990-1.pdf 
Food LongevitySecond HarvestFood Consumption Timetable 
Extending Food FreshnessSweet Simple VeganHow to make produce last longer 
Extending the life of your produceDavid Suzuki Foundation – Queen of GreenHelp End Food Waste 

Organic waste

TopicSourceResource TitleLink
City Green Bin WasteCity of TorontoWhat Happens To Organics? 
City Green Bin WasteCity of TorontoTurning Waste Into Renewable Natural Gas 


TopicSourceResource TitleLink
CompostKiss The GroundThe Compost Story (full version) 
Vermi-compostingHomestead and Chill Vermicomposting 101: How to Create and Maintain a Simple Worm Bin 
Vermi-compostingYour Eco Friend – Sophi Robertson Composting With Worms 


TopicSourceResource TitleLink
Water Waste in Food WasteBarilla Centre for Food & NutritionThe Water We Eat – Do You KNow How Much Water You Eat Everyday? 
Water WasteWater Footprint CalculatorWater In Your Food 


Kiss The Ground (On Netflix)Kiss The GroundTrailer: 
Just Eat It!Link to rent/buy and see trailer: 
Wasted: The Story of Food WasteTrailer: 
Sustainable Link to trailer and to rent: 
Ten Stories About Food Waste ElectroluxLink to all videos: 

For kids and families

TopicSourceResource TitleLink
Food Waste BasicsEcocaledonTake Five For The Earth
Food Waste Facts 
Empty Fridge Soup 
Food footprintsWhat size is your Foodprint? 
Composting Program For SchoolsHighfields Centre