We are thankful to be in collaboration with the following partners for this initiative: Naturopathic Doctors for Environmental & Social Trust (NEST), Impact Zero, Waste Watchers, Wasteless.food, EcoLogos/WaterDocs, Canadian Climate Challenge, Plasticfree Toronto, Green Thumbs and EcoCaledon.

Our goal is to highlight the facts, the contributing factors and the larger systemic problems associated with food loss and food waste, for individuals and our local community. Together we are working to use this challenge to bring more awareness and encourage more action around the issue of food waste.

WaterDocs (Ecologos)
Just Eat It, Caledon!
Plasticfree Toronto
Canadian Climate Challenge
Impact Zero
Green Thumbs

Impact Zero is working to build Toronto’s circular economy with our city’s vibrant small business community. Together we are helping to expedite the transition to a green economy to ultimately decouple economic growth from natural resource extraction. We are very excited to partner with Drawdown Toronto to raise awareness and help participants take action on changing the wasteful nature of our current food systems through the Just Eat It challenge!


Naturopathic Doctors for Environmental and Social Trust (NEST) is dedicated to promoting the health of all living beings, communities and the environment through sustainable and socially conscious strategies.  We are thrilled to be a partner for the Just Eat It challenge, as it fulfills our mission of collaboration and education, and is an expression of our values and principles through the lens of food.


EcoCaledon is a local not-for-profit organization established in 1995. Along with our partners, we work to promote environmental programs, projects and activities designed to enhance and protect Caledon’s environment and work towards reversing global warming. Gratitude For Food, a subcommittee of Eco Caledon, aims to educate and inspire Caledon residents and businesses to take meaningful steps to promote a sustainable, local food system and reduce food waste. We look forward to collaborating with Drawdown Toronto as we run our own Challenge – Just Eat It, Caledon!


Ecologos / Water Docs is delighted to be a partner for the Just Eat It challenge – because water is at the heart of food waste. Agriculture is responsible for up to 70% of all freshwater use, and at least a quarter of that is wasted. This challenge gives people an easy way to work on limiting our own food waste. Through Ecologos’ educational programs and film festival, our mission is to evoke a spirit of reverence for water, inform about threats that imperil water, and inspire citizen action to protect water.  


Canadian Climate Challenge is a non partisan non profit organization, with the singular purpose of maximizing exposure and support of the community climate solutions enacted by some of our most important climate organizations and organizers, in their fight against the Climate Crisis. CCC and the School For Climate Project, are proud and happy to be partners in the Just Eat It! Challenge, an initiative that is focused on communicating HOW we can all make positive change.


Food Unity is brought to you by the Waste Watchers, a youth-led team empowering and engaging other youth in food waste reduction. As part of Youth Challenge International’s Innovate My Youth program, we are a part of a network of motivated young people in the GTHA driving youth-led climate solutions within our communities! We believe in the power of community and tech to mobilize youth to reduce household food waste. We are so excited and grateful to be collaborating with Drawdown Toronto for the Just Eat It Toronto – Food Waste Challenge!


Plasticfree Toronto was founded by Lin & Toni Sappong as a hub for sharing tips on low-waste living. It has turned into a movement of Torontonians interested in learning more about climate change, social justice and the broader topic of sustainability. We are super excited to partner with @drawdowntoronto for the JUST EAT IT, TORONTO challenge. Decreasing food waste has the potential to reduce carbon emissions, conserve critical resources, and improve food security. How great is it that we can do something about it from the comfort of our own homes?


Wasteless.food is a new initiative inspired by Project Drawdown, which aims to teach consumers about the environmental impact of food waste, while also providing them with the necessary knowledge and tools to help plan and use up food before it becomes inedible. We are happy to be partnering in the “Just Eat It, Toronto!” Challenge as Food Waste is one of Drawdown’s top solution to solve the climate crisis.


Green Thumbs is a community-based non-profit organization based in the downtown east neighbourhoods of Regent Park, Cabbagetown and St. Jamestown, which primarily provides programs for students to raise food on their school grounds and create simple recipes with it. Their mission is to cultivate environmental stewardship through hands-on garden and food education for urban children and their communities. “Our vision is of healthy communities with learning gardens everywhere!”