Just Eat It Toronto!

Food Waste Challenge

We’re inviting residents to join this challenge to take action on reducing food waste.We will demonstrate that wasting less is not difficult or inconvenient — on the contrary, it can be enjoyable, educational and can save you money!

Gratitude for Food: A Project to Reduce Waste

Being more responsible stewards of our natural resources by coming together to create positive change.

TEDx event: COUNTDOWN to a Green New Decade

On October 15, join us for to learn about local solutions to climate change from expert communicators.

Climate solutions education

A core mission for Drawdown Toronto is to enhance public knowledge of climate solutions. Climate change is overwhelming and can feel disempowering. We aim to change that. By putting vital information about how we can reverse global warming into people’s hands and connecting them with other change makers, oar goal is to galvanize society to action with a new sense of optimism and agency.

Drawdown Sector Summits

A series of sector summits were at the core of Drawdown Toronto’s activities in 2018 and 2019, organized around each of the main categories of solutions created by Project Drawdown. Each summit featured highly qualified speakers introducing the audience to solutions from the Project Drawdown database and the co-benefits of climate action, illustrated with examples of how they are being implemented in Toronto.

Introductions to Project Drawdown

Project Drawdown created a new approach to climate communication (or at least a new emphasis on an existing idea), based on focusing on the solutions to the challenge rather than its consequences. To introduce the public to this approach, we held a series of short seminars around the city. We also held introductions at the invitation from other community groups. If you are interested in inviting Drawdown Toronto to do an introduction, get in touch! In these pandemic times, we could also organize an introduction webinar.

Pachamama Alliance Drawdown Courses

In addition to introductions, we have also organized a four-session course designed to take participants deep inside the work of Project Drawdown, including a much greater familiarity with many of the solutions presented in the book, Drawdown, edited by Paul Hawken. Participants had the chance to actually get into action on one or more of their chosen solutions as well as learn how to communicate Drawdown to people in their live. More details can be found in one of our Eventbrite invitations.