Drawdown Toronto embraces local and national plans for a green and just recovery from the pandemic. Let’s move beyond business-as-usual to tackle the climate crisis and create a prosperous, fair and livable society for all people. This is our opportunity to set a course for a better future.

Climate solutions are key to green recovery plans. Renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, walkable cities and modern building materials — these are just some examples of solutions we need to meet the climate challenge and ensure long-term prosperity. Yet most climate solutions also make economic and social sense on their own, helping us tackle long-standing problems from air pollution to soil erosion and poverty to mental health. Vast financial savings can be realized by replacing wasteful technologies and practices while creating good new jobs for the future.

We urge governments all levels to make economic recovery plans oriented around rebuilding sustainably and equitably. Let’s seize this opportunity to create a new economic foundation — to build back better.


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We endorse CAN’s letter to Prime Minister Trudeau on goals and principles for a green recovery.

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