The Drawdown Approach
to action on global warming

The Drawdown approach changes the conversation by focusing on solutions instead of problems. Reducing emissions is an opportunity rather than a burden. The time is ripe for bringing this perspective to Toronto. It is a chance to build a strong, clean and modern city with a vibrant economy fit for the 21st century, supporting a better, healthier and more prosperous society for all. The road to drawdown begins locally.

Take a course. Attend a summit. Join the movement.

Drawdown is that point in time when the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere begins to decline on a year-to-year basis.
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The Project Drawdown Book

Project Drawdown

We are inspired by Project Drawdown, the world's only comprehensive catalogue of solutions to global warming. Started by environmental journalist and author Paul Hawken, Project Drawdown is an on-going effort to map, model and calculate emission reductions of the top 100 tools and technologies up to 2050, as well as their financial benefits. The first results from Project Drawdown were published in a book in 2017.


Join us at DrawdownTO in the Plastic Free EcoChallenge

Plastics have precipitated an ecological crisis. Huge amounts of it ends up in the environment and the plastics production is contributing to our ever-growing CO2 emissions. The Plastic Free EcoChallenge is a month-long effort for all of us to shift away from our single-use plastic dependency. This fun & social "behaviour change for sustainability" platform provides tools and inspiration to turn intention into action. Individuals and teams track & share their progress, earning points and seeing the measured impact of collective action through friendly competition! Be part of our team or create your own!

Together, let’s check our single-use plastic dependency.

This year we believe
Behaviour change > climate change

What We Do

Drawdown Toronto is an association of people and organizations working to bring Project Drawdown's climate solutions to Toronto.

We seek to educate, inspire and energize individuals, organizations and institutions in the Toronto area to actively and consciously engage in translating Drawdown solutions into meaningful action and measurable results.

Drawdown Toronto is currently a project hosted by Unify Toronto.


Through presentations, summits and other education campaigns, we engage and inspire the public to make change happen.


We engage with politicians and other policy-makers to promote the drawdown philosophy and method.

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