The Drawdown approach to climate action

The Drawdown approach changes the conversation by focusing on solutions rather than problems. From electric vehicles to urban agriculture: we already have everything we need to eliminate all carbon emissions. And not only that, but climate solutions also offer opportunities to fix other societal problems like air pollution and poverty while saving trillions of dollars on a global basis.

Climate action is an opportunity, not a burden. It is a chance to build a clean, modern and healthy city with a vibrant economy, supporting a better and more prosperous society for all.

earth month ecochallenge

Project Drawdown has partnered with Eco Challenge dot org, and their on-line social platform to put climate solutions into action. Participants can choose from over 100 actions across 8 categories and action tracks – it’s a fun & easy way to encourage behaviour change for sustainability and to showcase the collective impact of individual actions.

We invited residents to participate in a six-week challenge to reduce their food waste footprint with simple activities and strategies.

Topics included Weighing In, Planning, Lessons in Leftovers, Best Before, Composting 101, and Reduce & Rethink.

Our goal is to highlight the facts, the contributing factors and the larger systemic problems associated with food loss and food waste, for individuals and our local community. Together we are working to use this challenge to bring more awareness and encourage more action around the issue of food waste.

When we think of the causes of global warming, fossil fuel use most often comes to mind. Less conspicuous are the consequences of our breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Project Drawdown, 2017
YouTube video

Watch the Countdown video here or on Youtube.

TEDx event: COUNTDOWN to A Green New Decade

On October 15, Drawdown Toronto co-hosted a TEDx event to explore what a healthy, abundant, zero-emissions future could like like. Thanks to all our speakers and everyone who watched the live event.

A green and just recovery

Vision of Toronto as a green city. Made with vector components from Freepik (

Drawdown Toronto embraces local and national plans for a green and just recovery from the pandemic.

Let’s move beyond business-as-usual to create a prosperous, fair and livable society for all people. This is our opportunity to set a course for a better future.

Learn more about a green and just recovery

The Toronto Environmental Alliance has taken a leading role in putting an environmentally sustainable and socially fair recovery on the agenda.

Read TEA’s letter to the Toronto City Council

Listen to an interview with David Miller, former mayor of Toronto

Learn about Drawdown

YouTube video

Paul Hawken speaks about drawdown

Watch the video on Youtube

From the News Blog

Drawdown Toronto Incorporates

Incorporating Drawdown Toronto as a federal not-for-profit organization means first and foremost that we are committed to promoting positive solutions to the climate challenge. Formalization itself is not a goal, only an instrument. With incorporation, we can start building the infrastructure and processes to ensure that Drawdown Toronto will become a driver of the low-carbon revolution. It frees up our volunteers to do what really matters. 

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